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I'm going to have 2 blog posts combined into 1. So here we go! NAMES: There were two votes for Kara. I picked the other name and it is...Irene! Which is perfect! Kara means...Friend Irene means...Peaceful (This will be Ella's new name) I'm gonna go through and change the names in the old posts. QUESTIONS… Continue reading 2 Blog Posts


Okay, I have to change the names in the Golden Lady mystery. I know you liked the names. Sorry. Here are the names you can vote on. Kara Phoebe Florence Irene Catherine Josephine Eleanor Bernice Margaret Mable Isabel (Isabelle) Milli Diana Olivia Mary Julia Maria Helen Holli Ariella Ivory Tara Most of you already know… Continue reading Names!


Hello! Here are some pictures I took today! The only one I didn't take today is the outline of the town at night the one directly above. Let me know what you think and don't forget to submit your questions for answering! I've only gotten 4. The deadline is Wednesday, August 19th.

Story Time!!!

So I decided to share the first chapter of my story! It is not finished yet. So you'll only get the first few chapters hopefully weekly. Here we go! The Golden Lady MysteryChapter 1"Emily! Did you hear that?" asked Ella Parkington "What? Sorry I was thinking." explained Emily "Good news: Your Mother said we could… Continue reading Story Time!!!


Hi Friends! I am new to blogging so you'll have to help me! I love horses, flowers and books! (Hence the blog name!) I also love to write (though I haven't finished any stories). Please if you have any questions, recommendations or comments let me know! Bye for now! Aubrey